Solar Battery Reviews

Helping you understand and choose the best solar battery for your home.

$11,000 AUD is the average cost to supply and install a solar battery. There are smaller less expensive battery options but you also have to consider compatibility, ease of management and quality.

Tesla are the most popular battery but carry a premium price tag of around $14 – 17k which will come as a shock to many enquiring about the cost of adding a battery to their solar system.

There are more viable options which are coming into the market that makes adding solar batteries more affordable and can bring the costs down by as much as 30-40% such as Sonnen and Fronius. This blog aims to cover what the tradeoffs are and offer a non-biased comparison of the most popular brands in Australia.

Are there solar battery rebates from the Government?

In VIC to be eligible for a solar rebate you need to meet two basic criterias:

  1. Total household income of owners must be under $180k (as per name of council rates notice)
  2. The valuation of the house has to be under $3m (as per council rates notice)
  3. You have not claimed the rebate for either solar panels or battery rebate before

Is the popular battery option sizes too big?

Sometimes purchasing the most popular batteries like the Tesla Powerwall 2 which is a 13.5kWh capacity may not make sense because you don’t have enough spare solar energy to fill it meaning it goes underutilised. This is when some consider smaller modular battery systems so they slowly build up the capacity as requirements change.

Can batteries operate in cold weather?

Solar batteries are typically installed indoors if you live in cold climate regions so the ambient operating temperature is no less than 10 degrees. Some brands like Tesla have built-in heating systems to keep the battery functioning normally in cold climates. As the temperature drops, so will the charging rate with it completely stopping at around 5 degrees.

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